Artificial intelligence is making its way into the cannabis industry


A company called PotBot is using a recommendation engine that looks at plant DNA along with cannabis research, and helps guide users to find the specific strain that will benefit their unique needs. PotBot breaks down strain profiles by cannabinoid levels, and uses available research on cannabinoids, consumption methods, and corresponding ailments to find what each individual patient may benefit from. To do this, PotBot uses a tool called BrainBot that collects data from a wireless EEG (electroencephalography) helmet that measures patients brain activity and reactions to varying cannabinoids. Gathering this information requires multiple visits where the patient is given an inhaler of different cannabis concentrates. PotBotics states that, “We see the future of cannabis as being not what strain is best for you but what cannabinoids are best for you.”


Technology is offering safer ways to smoke cannabis


Pax Labs make stylish handheld portable cannabis vaporizers that look fancy enough to be a fashion accessory. The Pax 3 offers app integration, can be controlled and locked from your phone and even has games built into the device. Pax devices are well made and come with a 10 year warranty. They are leaders in the industry because of their unique heating technology that offers 4 settings depending on what form of cannabis you are consuming, extended battery life and a record 22 second heat-up time.

Cannabis meets Keurig


CannaKorp has built a medical vaporizing machine called CannaCloud that uses cannabis pods similar to a Keurig coffee machine. In just 60 seconds after inserting the pot, the vapor is ready to consume. The pods come in different pre-measured strains. CannaKorp says they raised 4.1 million in its last round of fundraising. CannaCloud hopes to use this money to help manufacture and distribute their CannaCloud medical cannabis vaporizing system. “We’re a company that’s medically oriented,” CannaKorp said. “However, we know that the recreational market is going to go crazy over this, and we like that.” The CannaCloud is expected to cost around $149 and should be released early next year.